Amateur 220 radio equipment manufacturers

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My thoughts then led to recharging the battery if it got low yes, I know that I can just carry a spareand I wondered about using one of those old, tire powered dynamos I had when I was a kid to power a radio. Thus, efficiency is low and it is usually impractical to construct a 'good' current source this way. The dynamo is designed to produce power for a bulbs requiring exactly 6-volts AC with a current of mA or 3-watts. Why do you call yourself "crazy" guy on a bike? Please folks, it's not HAM radio, it's ham radio. My preference, however, is to ride a nice, light road bike and not take a generator or any ham equipment along.

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I found it to be more harassment than help.

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Trimpotentiometer 220 Kohm Liggande

This consists of packing camping equipment on a bicycle specifically designed for riding hundreds of miles loaded with camping equipment that would destroy a "normal" bicycle in short order. I would love to work a station like this from my side of the world and it would make great qso for my log. How a bicycle dynamo works. It should be either level, or pointing down the slightest bit. The battery pack actually consists of 3 parallel-connected packs of 4 series connected Ni-MH batteries wired for a circuit voltage of 4.

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amateur 220 radio equipment manufacturers


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