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As I said, a bit crude. Parts and chapters will still be numbered, to avoid this change the 0 to -1 and so on. Getting rid of orphans and widowed words Sometimes when you typset something in LaTeX you will find that a single word or a few of them ends by them selves on an otherwise blank page. If you do not like the looks of this, then you only need to change your definition in one place of the LaTeX source, not everywhere. You can download and toy with my private template for making technical documentation.

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Sometimes the space is too little when you have done some modifications to a figure or table or something else with a caption.

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LaTeX Typesetting

A definition style list is a list that take a word  and then a definition to the word. I also have a small template for business mails if you are interested in this kind of thing. Get the file bar. LaTeX autonumbering is usually a good thing and works very well. When you now have the dvi you can use the command dvips -Ppdf myfile.

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latex table of contents links
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latex table of contents links
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