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A low-compliance bladder may be diagnosed when detrusor pressure gradually rises to 15 cm H 2 O or higher during filling. Discriminant analysis of urethral pressure profilometry data for the diagnosis of genuine stress incontinence. Evaluation of chest tomosynthesis for the detection of pulmonary nodules: Risk factors and prognosis for recurrent primary sclerosing cholangitis after liver transplantation: Repeating these equivocal studies has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy. This process results in mechanical obstruction or kinking of the urethra, which can be identified during urethroscopy and on urethral closure pressure profiles. The diagnosis of sensory urge incontinence is made when estrogen replacement therapy resolves the patient's urinary symptoms.

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European Urology, Journal article Journal article.

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Profiles are considered positive for genuine stress incontinence if urinary leakage occurs with pressure equalization. Biomechanical aspects of primary implant stability: This finding of a low-pressure urethra appears to be the most significant risk factor for failing anti-incontinence surgery. Urogynecologic History The urogynecologic history is an essential part of the evaluation of every incontinent woman. Clinical versus urodynamic diagnosis in an incontinent geriatric female population. Efficacy versus effectiveness study design within the European screening trial for prostate cancer:

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vaginal ultrasound syst on head
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