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Paper I showed that elderly with GI symptoms have significantly higher small intestinal permeability than a general elderly population, along with a stronger association to psychological distress. We also investigated whether there were differences in women and men's recovery and recovery scores. In the content validity evaluation of the SwQoR, staff found more items relevant than the patients, and no items found relevant by either staff or patients were excluded when revising the SwQoR. The level of systemic and local inflammation was monitored by measuring C-reactive protein CRPhydrogen peroxide in plasma and calprotectin in stool samples. The median score was 69 inter-quartile range, IQRindicating a positive attitude toward using an app for follow-up after day surgery. Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods were used for analysis. The thesis identifies a conflation between gender mainstreaming, as a strategy, with the policy objective of gender equality.

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All participants experienced the balance limitations as a continuous challenge in everyday life, yet they also felt trust and confidence.

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These patients may be in need of additional treatment efforts that are not being met today. To meet the environmental challenges that are presently confronting society, the narrow focus on agricultural production needs to be altered to one that places equal value on the generation of crucial ecosystem services. Stockholms universitet, Företagsekonomiska institutionen. To navigate autonomously, a mobile robot typically relies on internal maps, self-localization, and path planning. The intervention aims to improve the match between the employee and the job situation. This study seeks to examine how people with disabilities who, with the help of Supported Employment SE methods, are establishing themselves in the labour market, experience social inclusion at their workplaces and how their working conditions influence their experiences with social inclusion. The study includes analyses of the effectiveness of the intervention clinical and economic as well as an analysis of its implementation at the participating OHSs.

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