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Vi rekommenderar följande artikel istället. The nodes of this trading system are a growing number of small coastal sultanates, which have been established here. Brännpunkt2 p. The years leading up to the ending of the Cold War had seen major developments in Western Europe. On an island off the same continent, Madagascar, a group of settlers arrive who are related to the Polynesians of the Pacific. It is a time of great disruption for the Chinese, and the new Manchu — or Qing — rulers face immense challenges in imposing their control. At around this time, a series of major population movements begin to affect this region.

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Anarchy reigns, but a new order slowly begins to emerge, based on the power of local lords.

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Titanic conflicts between and have gravely weakened the European nations. The New Zealand coasts are now dotted with small European settlements, leading to clashes with Maori tribes. They house the leading civilizations of the day. In western Europea simpler, less literate society has replaced the sophisticated urban civilization of Rome. Apart from the deaths of 10 million soldiers, it led to the fall of four of the great powers involved, the German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian and Ottoman empires.

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